Hand Towel - African Contemporary - 40cm x 60cm - Stone

ABW026-040x060 Stone

The 100% Unbleached Cotton Futah Style towels (also known as Peshtemal-/ Hammam-/ Turkish Towels), are handwoven on vintage wooden looms in the small town of Barrydale, South Africa as the name suggests.

The cotton is sourced from Swaziland, a small landlocked country within South Africa, where the weavery was originally 'born'.

Benefits of the towels are: very absorbent, quick to dry, compact, light weight.

Perfect addition tto any bathroom, can be used as an oversized napkin or even as a fun alternative to gift wrapping

Size conversion: 40cm x 60cm or 15.75 inches x 25.6 inches

Care instructions: Cold wash. Hang dry or tumble dry. 

More about the Supplier: Barrydale weavers

Video of the process of weaving the materials at Barrydale Weaver: