Table Cloth African Contemporary - 140cm x 200cm - Charcoal

ABW021-140x200 - Charcoal

Dyed full colour cotton with a natural cotton stripe and slub woven detailHandwoven on vintage wooden looms in the small town of Barrydale, South Africa as the name suggests.

The cotton is sourced from Swaziland, a small landlocked country within South Africa, where the weavery was originally 'born'.

Adds a nostalgic textured look to any table setting.

Size conversion:

1400cm x 2000cm or 551.18 inches x 787.4inches

1400cm x 2500cm or 551.18 inches x 984.25inches

1400cm x 3000cm or 551.18 inches x 118.1inches

1400cm x 3500cm or 551.18 inches x 1377.53inches

Cold water wash (up to 30 deg). Hang dry or tumble dry on low to medium temperature.

More about the Supplier: Barrydale weavers

Video of the process of weaving the materials at Barrydale Weaver: