About Us


What we do:

We import artisanal, original, handmade products from South Africa; that is made in a sustainable and ethical manner. This helps grow small businesses in South Africa, mostly female owned & operated. It also supports many impoverished and rural communities across the country.

We are the link between the South African makers and the Canadian market place. Our suppliers are SMALL enough to offer products that are:

- unique, of a very high quality, ‘not mass-produced’, with ‘customisable options’

Our suppliers are BIG enough to offer products that are:

- Consistent in quality and efficient in the production and communication process.

About the name: 'mooiste'

- translated from the Afrikaans language; means 'prettiest' or most 'beautiful'. 

- Afrikaans is a an offspring language from Dutch and one of 11 official languages of South Africa.

- pronounced: ''moy sti'' ...'moy' like boy and 'sti' in stir

- basically we thought part of the fun would be to hear everyones interpretation of it...

The faces behind mooiste...

Having moved to Canada from our beloved South Africa, we wanted to show-off some of our 'most beautiful' products and share it with you in Canada. 

Our passion is curating a selection of the 'most beautiful', unique and stylish products South Africa has to offer.

We hope to build loyal & long lasting relationships that benefits all; with all our customers and makers...