Natural Rug - Medium - 100cm x 150cm


Thickly woven in cotton with soft pile. Reversible and washable. Hanng to dry. 

The 100% Unbleached cotton are Handwoven on vintage wooden looms in the small town of Barrydale, South Africa as the name suggests.

The carpets are made of off-cut materials from the weavery, it is and 'Up-cycled' product.

The cotton is sourced from Swaziland, a small landlocked country within South Africa, where the weavery was originally 'born'.

Benefits of the mats/rugs are: thick and absorbent, reversible design & up-cycled product.

Perfect addition to any bathroom as a bath/ shower mat, a bedside rug or inside doormats or even a mat for a furry creature to his/her 'comfy place'.

Care instructions: Cold wash. Hang dry, Gently comb the tassle with your fingers.

Size conversion: 100cm x 150 cm or 39.37 inches x 59.01 inches

Other available sizes:

Natural rug - Bathroom/Bedside/ Doormat Mat 60cm x 45cm / Natural rug - Bath Mat 60cm x 90cm / Natural rug - Bedside Mat 70cm x 120cm /  Natural rug - Large 130cm x 200cm

More about the Supplier: Barrydale weavers

Video of the process of weaving the materials at Barrydale Weaver: